Carter & Co. Communications takes pride in being completely customer-centric while providing a full range of expertise that enables clients to control their image and present their best to the public.

Any organization must monitor and manage its business environment, which necessarily includes the public. Public affairs combines communications, media relations, government relations, issue-management and corporate citizenship strategies to find common ground with stakeholders, influence public policy and shape perceptions to build and maintain a strong reputation.

Carter and Co. Communications uses all available tools -- and invents others -- to solve our clients’ business challenges. Our results-oriented methodology begins with a thorough situational analysis to gain a clear and concise evaluation of issue parameters. We then develop highly-customized and measurable objectives before crafting and implementing strategies to achieve them.

In addition to utilizing traditional techniques, our proven methodology expertly builds stakeholder support through grass-roots, bottom-up approaches that significantly lower client costs by proactively resolving problems before they escalate. This achieves successful outcomes with broad-based support for issues that otherwise might remain or become controversial.

In a complex, over-saturated environment, Carter and Co. Communications is known for finding the method, media and message that navigate the cacophony to succeed. Quite simply, Carter and Co. Communications creates innovative solutions that fix real-world problems.